11 August 2009

House? What House?

Demolition began yesterday. On the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll save myself several thousand words and experiment with posting pictures.

Before. (Poor house didn't even see it coming.)

Our friends Ursula and Schaefer came to watch.

The excavator got right to work.

It all went so fast.

That claw means business. It can smash things, push/pull things over, and, of course, eat things.

This is what the neighbors saw when they got home from work:

The whole thing took less than two hours.

I was back there in the evening and was tickled by all of the cars that slowed to a crawl as they drove by the house that was suddenly missing from the street. I loved imagining their thought processes as they saw the lot. Did they see the excavator first, or the absence of the house? Either way, this is BIG for a quiet neighborhood.

While demolition was taking place, we met lots more of the immediate neighbors, who came outside to watch it all go down. (Special thanks to the Lawrence family for having the most wonderful live oak tree, pictured behind Schaefer, to shade us while we watched.) If I had known how many neighbors would be there, I'd have brought nametags. And hors d'oeuvres. Later on I even met a family from a few blocks away, who were out walking and were fascinated by what was going on. Their little boy also loved the huge machine. Living that far away, they would never have stopped to introduce themselves if they passed by a regular house with new people out front, but a construction project seems to belong, in a way, to the whole neighborhood. As private people, this might take some getting used to, but it has been great to meet so many people who are enthusiastic about our new home.

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