06 August 2009

Got the Permit

It's pretty much all there in the title. If you're keeping track or perhaps have placed a wager, this visit to the permit office cost me about half an hour.

We also confirmed that demolition will start next Monday and heard from two of the builders who have been courting us. One of them, whom I'll call Builder B, has a preliminary bid for us. The other one, Builder G, already gave us his guesstimate -- which wasn't pretty -- and was just checking in. (We're lucky to have three solid builders to choose from. I'm not too sure how we're going to choose.) Builder B also mentioned that he drove by our lot the weekend before last and saw the utility markings, so he could tell that we're getting close to demolition. Which we are!

Tonight we're going to do some more work on our list of specifications for the builders to bid. This is important so that we get accurate bids and so that we're comparing apples to apples among the builders.

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