24 August 2009

Back in Town

Ursula and I had a great weekend in Tuscaloosa, I had a good race, and we drove back today. Ursula is pretty much the best fan ever, as evidenced by the sign she painted for me:

Yes, Kitty is wearing a wetsuit and goggles!

While I was away, Steve oversaw the soil sampling, which was apparently quite a process.

Initial feedback suggests that we have good, solid rock just a few feet down, but we're still waiting on the report.

Tomorrow we're delivering our plans to Builder R, meeting his foreman, and checking out another house he's working on. I also need to call the city's demolition inspector to confirm what we need to do before the inspection (to our knowledge, capping the water line is the main thing), and if it sounds like we have everything covered, I'll schedule the demo inspection.

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